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real time synchronization softwareWindows Phone 8 Tip: Fully grasp Your pc Sync Selections

PC sync has changed big-real time replication software in Windows Phone 8

It used to be so basic: When it came to syncing your Windows Phone 7.x handset on the PC, you utilized the Zune PC software, really like it or hate it. With Windows Phone 8, then again, Zune is out of your picture. And while your personal machine sync choices have in most methods expanded, they've conversely gotten much less integrated. This is, may well, by design, as Windows Phone 8 is actually built to become more of an standalone Program than its predecessor.

To recap, here's how it worked in Windows Phone 7.x: You could possibly connect your handset to the PC via USB (or, optionally, via Wi-Fi) as a way to sync music (and ringtones), videos, photos, podcasts, and, when available, software program updates on the device. You can also sync content returning to laptop with the phone, such as pictures taken using the device's camera, photos downloaded towards the device's storage in the internet, and songs downloaded or purchased over-the-air by means of Zune Marketplace/Zune Music Give the device.

The Zune connection was the one way to get full-sized, full-resolution pictures off the phone: While Windows Phone 7.x did support auto-sync of pictures for the SkyDrive cloud, these photos were downsized very first and are not full fidelity. The Zune connection seemed to be really the only solution to get bought Television shows and movies, or rented movies, onto Windows Phone 7.x: You experienced to accomplish this in the PC, as Windows Phone 7.x did not support over-the-air entry to this content.

In Windows Phone 8, the Zune PC software program has stopped being a solution, at the least not explicitly/directly: You can not sync your phone because of this software program at all, and neither recognizes other. (If you're a fan of Zune, you may naturally always manage your PC-based music collection on this software. It still works together with the now-renamed Xbox Music Pass, so you can sync content in your Windows Phone 8 handset employing one of these with the strategies described below.)

Listed below are your pc sync alternatives for Windows Phone 8, the solutions will get content to and from the handset using different Windows versions (Windows 7, 8, and RT, mostly, but almost certainly XP and Vista too).

Windows Phone app

Works together with: Windows 8 and RT

The Metro-style Windows Phone app, accessible for No cost from the Windows Store, helps you to sync content (photos, music, videos) to and from a phone, automatically or manually. It's Fairly basic, compared to Zune, but even in comparison with the desktop application (noted below), it's lacking some key features like support for music playlists. That is by style: Windows Phone 8 intended to provide largely PC-free.

I checked this app additional closely in Windows Phone 8 Tip: PC Sync.
Windows Phone desktop application

real time synchronization softwareIn concert with: Windows 8 and 7

The Windows Phone desktop application, presently in beta, works just like the Metro-style app, nonetheless it actually provides additional functionality when comparing the Metro app. You possibly can sync content between Windows Media Player/Zune or iTunes collections, which can be useful for those who use iTunes, for example. (I wrote relating to this latter functionality in Windows Phone 8 Tip: Take pleasure in Podcasts within the Go.) And it works explicitly with each ringtones and podcasts.

I also looked at this app extra closely in Windows Phone 8 Tip: PC Sync.

File Explorer: Drag and drop

In concert with: Windows 8, 7, RT, and probably Vista and XP

Windows Phone 8 lastly support direct access via File Explorer in Windows 8 or RT (or Windows Explorer in older OSes), enabling drag and drop content to and from the device as you would with any USB-based harddrive or memory stick.

Pictures: Windows Photo Gallery

In concert with: Windows 8 and 7

When you are free to make use of the Windows Phone app or desktop application to automatically copy photos (and also other photos) with the device for the PC, this functionality is extremely restricted: You can't rename the files on import or produce event-based folder structures. Instead, everything is dumped within a folder referred to as From Paul's HTC 8X (or similar) and also the photos, multi functional folder, have terrible names like WP_20121029_001.jpg.

Thankfully, there's an easier way, which you need to use in tandem with Windows Phone app or application. That's, Windows Phone 8 handsets now appear as typical cameras to photo editing apps in Windows. So that you can use Windows Photo Gallery, or the job of option, to import your phone-based photos. I wrote about this in Windows Phone 8 Tip: Import Photos for a PC.

Broken: Xbox Video-based Tv shows and movies

Not everything with Windows Phone 8 is excellent. Stated earlier discovered yesterday, and wrote about in Windows Phone 8 Doesn't (Presently) Support Xbox Video, Microsoft has silently and inexplicably dropped support for Xbox Video-based Television shows and movies, a feature that still works fine with Windows Phone 7.x handsets (via Zune). Microsoft has declined to comment further, but I'm hoping this support are going to be (re-) added sometime soon.

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